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With over 10 years of experience, we have adapted a menu to suit all events with delicious dishes from all around the world – take a look!

Corporate Events

Catering for corporate events Aylesbury you can bring a taste of flavour to your next work meetup.

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Private Events

When attending private events we can use our private events catering Aylesbury delicious meals to feed you and your guests.

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Birthday Celebrations

Birthday party catering Aylesbury is our forte, we have 10+ years experience and know how to get a party started!

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Christmas Parties

It’s never the wrong time for a BBQ – especially when using our Christmas party catering Aylesbury!! Enjoy the taste of gorgeous smoked wood meat dishes and much more.

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We specialise in Wedding catering Aylesbury and have catered for hundreds of weddings, why not bring the taste of BBQ to your big day?

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Special Occasions

When it comes to special occasion catering Aylesbury you need a menu that brings flavour – which is exactly us!

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About Our Catering Services

For years this family run business has been running catering services Aylesbury for events such as weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs and much more for affordable prices! We believe in good quality food and therefore use only the freshest of ingredients to make our food as flavoured and delicious as possible.

Our menus vary dependant on what you’re looking for, and we can cater to any event to make your day special! We attend food markets as well as catering for events to let members of the public indulge in gorgeous wood smoked meats, and tasteful halloumi wraps grilled to perfection.

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Customer Testimonial

"Absolutely outstanding service, delicious food and the kindest people I have met. Will be using again!"