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From festivals to weddings, nothing gets the party started quite like lip-smacking food. So, turn up the heat with The Rub BBQ’s selection of smoked meats and flavoursome treats. Over the years, our team of caterers in Northampton have perfected the art of keeping spirits high so you can have peace of mind knowing your guests are in the best hands possible.

Locally Sourced   .   Homemade Recipes

Street Food

Motivated by a love for fantastic food, we won’t stop until everyone’s had a chance to experience truly mouthwatering cuisine. From street stalls to wedding receptions, it’s our mission to dish up delicious flavours that are impossible to find elsewhere.
Our commitment to our customers has been recognised by some of the industry’s most reputable award bodies, and we’re proud to offer award-winning street food in Northampton. Here are a few reasons our customers trust us with their tastebuds:

Locally Sourced Ingredients

We’re foodies, so we know great food when we see it. That’s why we work with local suppliers who share our passion for producing the best food on the market.

Top-Secret Flavours

Our recipes are highly confidential and supremely delicious. You won’t find them anywhere else, so you better treat yourself before they’re gone!

Cooked With Care

As a family-founded business, we make all of our dishes with love, from barbecue to belly. You can taste the care in each bite, leaving you wanting more.

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BBQ Catering

For All Occasions

Our food is as versatile as it is delicious, and our team is more than happy to provide BBQ catering in Northampton tailored to your needs.
Thanks to our fully equipped Rub-mobiles, we’ll be on hand to provide our services wherever you need us, whenever you need us.

Corporate Catering in Northampton

Whether you’re rewarding your staff or looking to impress a potential business partner, our team are experts in providing top-quality corporate catering in Northampton.

Event Catering in Northampton

Set the tone for a spicy party with our event catering in Northampton. From smashed burgers to smoked tofu, our mouthwatering menu will keep spirits high all night.

Wedding Catering in Northampton

Tie the knot in style with The Rub BBQ’s wedding catering in Northampton. Our dishes are crafted with love, so what better way to celebrate the bond between newlyweds?

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Can you feel your belly rumbling? Lucky for you, you’re just one click away from unlocking a world of smokey flavours. Check out all of the delicious options our caterers in Northampton will provide. When you’re done, pick your jaw off the floor and book us in for your next event!

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Every single one of our 100 guests commented on how delicious their food was!

“Every single one of our 100 guests commented on how delicious their food was, with many seeking out seconds. They then tidied and left very subtly causing zero disruption.”

Daniel Riggett-Roderick

October 2023



Can you offer your catering services all over Northampton?

Yes! Our team of caterers in Northampton are fully mobile thanks to our super-cool and fully equipped food vans. We’ll provide catering in Northampton wherever you need us.

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