This Sunday at 11am-1pm, The Rub team are excited to announce they will be special guests Nick Coffer’s weekend kitchen show!

About The Radio Show

We will be accompanied by a number of extremely talented chefs such as Steve Barringer, who was the Masterchef Professionals finalist in 2011, and has just opened his own restaurant in Ampthill named Eileens! As well as this we had the pleasure of being accompanied by another highly reputable chef Cat Ashton, who held a Michelin star when she was at Petersham Nurseries in Richmond.

During our visit to the studio, we took our biggest seller pulled pork, along with the recipe for everyone to tase. As well as this we took along our BBQ pit beans, which is typically combined with leftover pulled pork to create a delicious autumnal BBQ dish. If you have leftovers from a BBQ, this could be the perfect recipe for you, as it can be made inside the kitchen as well as on the barbecue!

Seeing everyone’s dishes was such a fantastic experience, and it was a brilliant opportunity to allow other highly reputable chefs to have a taste of our own specialist recipe. The highlight of the show has to be the chefs agreeing our pulled pork has to be possibly the best pulled pork they’ve ever eaten!

All in all the radio show was a fantastic success and we cannot thank Nick enough for having us. We would also like to thank Steve and Cat for the experience, and look forward to you guys tuning in this Sunday!


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